San Luis Obispo Senior High
(They changed the name so the acronym would be SLOHS, but forget that!)
Class of '73 Reunion
03Aug09-0135.JPG (114046 bytes)

At the Dairy Creek Country Club
August 9, 2003

Original invitation and '73 yearbook pix

Link to Absent Classmates

Thanks to Kerry, Frank, Steve and John for making this work
Special thanks to Loren for his generous contribution.

Some notable notes on the reunion

Traveled the farthest:
Mark Roberts & Jayne - New Zealand

Married the longest:
Carol Furtado & Rod Spoeneman (deceased 2002) - 28 yrs.
Susan Arnett
& Gary McNanna - 28 yrs. Anniv. in Feb.
(Valerie Dodds, Karen Kundert and Kerry Murphy were in the wedding!)
Teri McGuire & Al Rogers - 27 yrs. Anniv. in Jun.
Evonne Goulart & Kevin Mathews - 27 yrs. Anniv. in Aug.
Bill Honeyman & Jana - 27 yrs. Anniv. in Oct.
Leslie Wiech
& Ron Bearce - 27 yrs. Anniv. in Dec.
Donna Lowe & Eddie Ferrell
- 26 yrs. Anniv. in Sept.
Leslie Birkett
& Mike Baumberger - 26 yrs. Anniv.???
(Does anyone know of any other married couples
where both were in the class of '73 besides Donna & Ed?)

Most changed among the ladies
  <Send me your top 3 votes>

Most changed among the guys:
<Send me your top 3 votes>

Least changed among the ladies:
<Send me your top 3 votes>

Least changed among the guys: 
<Send me your top 3 votes>

Most children + grandchildren:
<Send me your votes>
Karen Morris says Mike Snyder has 9 kids and some grandkids!

Missing grads who should be at the next reunion:
<Send me your votes>

Any other categories we should vote on?
<Send me suggestions>


And the people that were on the list...
(Not all made it to the reunion although they had paid)

Akinaka, Bruce
03Aug09-0078.JPG (103408 bytes) 03Aug09-0102.JPG (88342 bytes) 03Aug09-0140.JPG (113500 bytes) 03Aug09-0151.JPG (83568 bytes) 03Aug09-0159.JPG (92723 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0024.JPG (81738 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0054.JPG (114100 bytes)

Aldridge, Debbie
03Aug09-0054.JPG (81566 bytes) AvilaFrank-Mike_and_Debra.JPG (90851 bytes)

Alonso, Bernard
03Aug09-0077.JPG (67807 bytes) 03Aug09-0117.JPG (80396 bytes) AvilaFrank-Bernard_and_Dave.JPG (91863 bytes) 03Aug09-0158.JPG (93993 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0028.JPG (92383 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0033.JPG (65337 bytes)

Bernard Alonso
    I went back to Argentina  in 1999 and I haven't been back since.  I lost both of my parents within four months of each other about two years ago.  They both lived down there so that was my big motivation to travel south.  Now that they are gone I still have family there but it's just not the same.
     I am involved in the mortgage industry and also am a recruiter for a local chain of auto dealerships.  The mix is interesting.  I have three children. Monique is 19, Jon-Paul is 17, and Anthony is 14.  I was married in 1983 and divorced in 1995. That was a life changing experience in itself.  My children and I have lived together since 1996 so as you can imagine I've been a busy boy.  I don't even have time to get in trouble!

Angerer, John
03Aug09-0049.JPG (92073 bytes) 03Aug09-0111.JPG (62190 bytes) 03Aug09-0153.JPG (78239 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0049.JPG (98657 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0050.JPG (84985 bytes)
    [John is an attorney-at-law.]
    Should be at next reunion:  Erin Kelley, Jeanne Miramon, Ned Gensemer

Arnett, Susan (now McNanna)
03Aug09-0038.JPG (77668 bytes) 03Aug09-0040.JPG (104580 bytes) 03Aug09-0106.JPG (93760 bytes) 03Aug09-0120.JPG (87154 bytes) AvilaFrank-John_D_and_friends.JPG (100870 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0060.JPG (80167 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0075.JPG (71604 bytes)

Atlee, Barbara
03Aug09-0052.JPG (115074 bytes) 03Aug09-0061.JPG (81055 bytes) 03Aug09-0144.JPG (81343 bytes) 03Aug09-0154.JPG (116741 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0068.JPG (83979 bytes)
[Dr. Barbara Atlee D.V.M. specializes in veterinary dermatology in North Carolina.]

Avila, Frank
03Aug09-0006.JPG (92990 bytes) 03Aug09-0056.JPG (154056 bytes) 03Aug09-0079.JPG (82083 bytes) 03Aug09-0092.JPG (78919 bytes) 03Aug09-0135.JPG (114046 bytes)
Frank and his Rolling Stones band knockoff.
frankavila.jpg (129465 bytes) Avila_Frank02.jpg (88954 bytes)
[Frank's band, Rolling Bones, entertains on cruise ships.]

Azevedo, Mike
03Aug09-0014.JPG (72154 bytes) 03Aug09-0104.JPG (87937 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0012.JPG (98755 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0058.JPG (63386 bytes)

Benner, Marlene (now Righetti)
03Aug09-0072.JPG (60790 bytes) 03Aug09-0105.JPG (90669 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0016.JPG (98544 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0064.JPG (69977 bytes)

Bettencourt, Jane (now Goodwin) - Didn't make it
Living in SLO, is a Real Estate agent, competition for Delmartini!

Birkett, Leslie (now Baumberger)
03Aug09-0035.JPG (88325 bytes) 03Aug09-0101.JPG (104042 bytes) 03Aug09-0100.JPG (126004 bytes) 03Aug09-0134.JPG (56992 bytes) 03Aug09-0137.JPG (93977 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0017.JPG (102618 bytes)

Blakeslee, Sam
03Aug09-0082.JPG (63224 bytes) 03Aug09-0083.JPG (83061 bytes) 03Aug09-0084.JPG (51785 bytes) 03Aug09-0096.JPG (77394 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0057.JPG (96331 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0063.JPG (113167 bytes)
[California State Assembly District 33 Representative Sam Blakeslee - 2004!]

Bodoh, Jean
03Aug09-0042.JPG (126959 bytes) 03Aug09-0054.JPG (81566 bytes) 03Aug09-0072.JPG (60790 bytes) 03Aug09-0105.JPG (90669 bytes) 03Aug09-0144.JPG (81343 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0075.JPG (71604 bytes)

Brooks, Lea
03Aug09-0031.JPG (109481 bytes) 03Aug09-0142.JPG (99817 bytes) 03Aug09-0145.JPG (102453 bytes) 03Aug09-0151.JPG (83568 bytes) 03Aug09-0149.JPG (112380 bytes)
03Aug09-0154.JPG (116741 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0015.JPG (106925 bytes)
[Lea works for the State of California as a Media Liaison in Sacramento.]

Brown, Dennis
ParksG-03Aug09-0051.JPG (89565 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0052.JPG (108129 bytes)
[Dennis and his wife have a ranch in Shandon, CA]

Brunson, John
03Aug09-0007.JPG (62241 bytes) 03Aug09-0012.JPG (95460 bytes) 03Aug09-0038.JPG (77668 bytes) 03Aug09-0056.JPG (154056 bytes) 03Aug09-0136.JPG (67177 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0020.JPG (107899 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0021.JPG (76561 bytes)

Callahan, Susan (now Winje)
03Aug09-0068.JPG (72935 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0026.JPG (77668 bytes)

Carey, David
03Aug09-0093.JPG (70867 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0012.JPG (98755 bytes)

Chan, A. David
03Aug09-0019.JPG (118717 bytes) 03Aug09-0083.JPG (83061 bytes) 03Aug09-0085.JPG (92038 bytes) 03Aug09-0122.JPG (75303 bytes)
Just some pix from comparatively recent wine events.  The goatee comes and goes.
Bizou-26Apr02-c-011f.jpg (35658 bytes)
P7130115.jpg (31900 bytes) TKApr01FoB_022_19.jpg (46581 bytes) TKDaveLX-b_23a.jpg (27266 bytes)

A. David Chan
    Spouse/Significant other: Happily divorced after 12 yrs of marriage
    Children/ages: N/A - Cat just passed away:  R.I.P. Ninja
    Current home town: Cerritos, CA/Henderson, NV/Scottsdale, AZ/South Lake Tahoe, CA (maybe) 
    Current employer/position: Aerospace/defense software consultant/Web developer/Wine consultant
    Current hobbies: Wine, travel, Blackjack
    Significant accomplishments: Lived long enough to see the last episode of "Dawson's Creek" (That's a joke, son!)
    Volunteer activities: Software design and development for several churchs
    Any little known facts: Minister in the State of CA since 1976. Just performed my 8th wedding last May.
    Favorite books "Fundamental Algorithms" by Donald Knuth, "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien
    Favorite movies "Princess Mononoke"
    Favorite TV shows All incarnations of "Law & Order", Oooo Stephanie March..., "Simpsons", "Banzai!"
    Favorite annual events Hospice du Rhone wine event in Paso Robles
    Glad I saw at reunion: Mike Cummins, Dick Williams, Merry Porter, Mark Roberts, Barbara Atlee, Sam Blakeslee, Susie Kirkpatrick, all of you for that matter!
    Favorite Quote "Let's roll." - President George W. Bush on the eve of the Iraqi War
    Most Changed Gals:  Valerie Dodds,  Louise Matheny, Melanie Mansfield
    Most Changed Guys:  Ed Schultz, Bob Cunningham, Mike Quaglino
    Least Changed Gals:  Susie Kirkpatrick, Kerry Murphy, Barbara Atlee
    Least Changed Guys:  David Harrell, Mike Farmer, Doug Chase
    Should be at next reunion:  Gregg Sorenson, Carol Banton, Becky Brand

Charlton, Linda - Didn't make it???

Chase, Doug
03Aug09-0029.JPG (95038 bytes) 03Aug09-0102.JPG (88342 bytes) AvilaFrank-Doug_and_Dick.JPG (85214 bytes) 03Aug09-0145.JPG (102453 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0038.JPG (81183 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0042.JPG (101687 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0054.JPG (114100 bytes)
[Doug is a Dentist in Santa Rosa, CA]

Chestnut, Melanie  (now Leatherbury)- Didn't make it

Cotter, Patrick
03Aug09-0088.JPG (88085 bytes)
[Pat has a Physical Therapy business in Camarillo, CA called Telesis Physical Therapy]

Crane, Margeret
03Aug09-0110.JPG (107240 bytes) 03Aug09-0128.JPG (64804 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0027.JPG (79312 bytes)

Cummins, Mike
03Aug09-0012.JPG (95460 bytes) 03Aug09-0019.JPG (118717 bytes) 03Aug09-0020.JPG (92820 bytes) 03Aug09-0026.JPG (104614 bytes) 03Aug09-0097.JPG (88319 bytes)
03Aug09-0126.JPG (104894 bytes) 03Aug09-0149.JPG (112380 bytes) 03Aug09-0157.JPG (85870 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0013.JPG (64141 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0033.JPG (65337 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0055.JPG (92354 bytes)
    [The Honorable Michael Cummins is a Superior Court Judge in Modesto, CA]

Cunningham, Bob
03Aug09-0067.JPG (48314 bytes) 03Aug09-0147.JPG (114081 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0056.JPG (88135 bytes)

Delmartini, Steve
03Aug09-0006.JPG (92990 bytes) 03Aug09-0008.JPG (70590 bytes) 03Aug09-0135.JPG (114046 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0059.JPG (81367 bytes)

Dennis, Kellie (now Bovee)
03Aug09-0041.JPG (127230 bytes) 03Aug09-0099.JPG (90442 bytes) 03Aug09-0098.JPG (61711 bytes) 03Aug09-0116.JPG (102911 bytes) 03Aug09-0118.JPG (111934 bytes)
03Aug09-0119.JPG (105541 bytes) 03Aug09-0125.JPG (99595 bytes) 03Aug09-0120.JPG (87154 bytes) 03Aug09-0153.JPG (78239 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0013.JPG (64141 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0031.JPG (112301 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0055.JPG (92354 bytes)

Dodds, Valerie (now Rezente)
03Aug09-0066.JPG (87778 bytes) 03Aug09-0106.JPG (93760 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0060.JPG (80167 bytes)
    Should be at next reunion:  Loren Roberts, Loren Karlak

Dodge, John
03Aug09-0087.JPG (71792 bytes) 03Aug09-0124.JPG (100094 bytes) AvilaFrank-John_D_and_friends.JPG (100870 bytes)

Dutra, Kenny
03Aug09-0086.JPG (117837 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0063.JPG (113167 bytes)

Ekegren, Andrew
03Aug09-0019.JPG (118717 bytes) 03Aug09-0112.JPG (75058 bytes) 03Aug09-0153.JPG (78239 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0010.JPG (39430 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0051.JPG (89565 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0052.JPG (108129 bytes)

Elwell, Scott
ParksG-03Aug09-0051.JPG (89565 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0052.JPG (108129 bytes)

Farmer, Mike
03Aug09-0089.JPG (78096 bytes) AvilaFrank-Mike_Farmer.JPG (49469 bytes) 03Aug09-0146.JPG (59208 bytes) 03Aug09-0150.JPG (66281 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0050.JPG (84985 bytes)

Ferrell, Ed
03Aug09-0136.JPG (67177 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0062.JPG (56307 bytes)

Ed & Donna Ferrell
    We have lived in Atascadero since 1977 and raised our three kids here. Our oldest, Kara, is 24 and got married last October.  She and her husband live in San Ardo, CA where Kara teaches 7th & 8th grade at the elementary school.  Our son, Luke, lives here in Atascadero. He is 22. He builds decks, etc. for mobile homes.  Our youngest daughter, Lindsey, is 19.  She still lives at home and is finishing cosmetology school. She starts at Cuesta this week too.
    We own an auto repair business, Ferrell's Auto Repair, in Atascadero and Ed runs that.  After 10 years of coaching high school softball and summer travel ball at Atascadero H.S., he finally retired. When he is not at work, he is on the golf course.
    Donna works as the secretary in an elementary school in Atascadero and loves it. Life has been good and we have truly been blessed.

Fincher, Stephanie (now Mrs. John Gorman)
03Aug09-0046.JPG (116648 bytes)

Flores, Charlie
AvilaFrank-John_D_and_friends.JPG (100870 bytes)

Furtado, Janet (now Mrs. Mario Perez)
03Aug09-0085.JPG (92038 bytes) 03Aug09-0090.JPG (70150 bytes) 03Aug09-0120.JPG (87154 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0026.JPG (77668 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0030.JPG (92292 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0051.JPG (89565 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0052.JPG (108129 bytes)

Furtado, John
03Aug09-0015.JPG (81281 bytes) 03Aug09-0118.JPG (111934 bytes) 03Aug09-0119.JPG (105541 bytes) 03Aug09-0143.JPG (99613 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0025.JPG (93890 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0051.JPG (89565 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0052.JPG (108129 bytes)

John Furtado 
    Spouse/Significant other: Maria 
    Children/ages: Katrina/25 
    Current home town: Benicia, CA - 1st Capital of CA for 1˝ yrs in 1800's 
    Current employer/position: Bank of America - Senior VP - Manager of Project Management Team 
    Current hobbies: Golfing, jet skiing, softball, gardening, house boating, Still playing my Trumpet , hanging out
    Significant accomplishments: 21 ˝ years at same company, Toastmasters Certification
    Volunteer activities: Cal Poly Alumni Board of Directors, Clayton Community Services commission, Clayton planning Commissioner, Habitat for Humanity, Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corp
    Favorite Band:  Tower of Power
    Little known facts: DJ in college, Member of Wisconsin Wild Polka Animals Band
    Favorite book: Anything by Steinbeck, and personal bios 
    Favorite movie: Too many to mention
    Favorite Quote: "There's no crying in baseball " Tom Hanks - League of their Own

Gerard, Cheryl (now Bolls)
03Aug09-0039.JPG (76756 bytes) 03Aug09-0041.JPG (127230 bytes) 03Aug09-0099.JPG (90442 bytes) 03Aug09-0116.JPG (102911 bytes) 03Aug09-0125.JPG (99595 bytes)
AvilaFrank-John_D_and_friends.JPG (100870 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0031.JPG (112301 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0034.JPG (68568 bytes)

Gonyer, Gary
03Aug09-0105.JPG (90669 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0064.JPG (69977 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0075.JPG (71604 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0076.JPG (73012 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0077.JPG (65581 bytes)

Hale, Gene
03Aug09-0081.JPG (85319 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0044.JPG (85452 bytes)

Harrell, David
03Aug09-0050.JPG (67351 bytes) 03Aug09-0051.JPG (76100 bytes) 03Aug09-0121.JPG (83334 bytes) 03Aug09-0122.JPG (75303 bytes) AvilaFrank-Bernard_and_Dave.JPG (91863 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0044.JPG (85452 bytes)

Hartley, Debra
03Aug09-0029.JPG (95038 bytes)

Henderson, Debbie (now Boydston) - Didn't make it

Hoeschel, Saundra
03Aug09-0028.JPG (106502 bytes) 03Aug09-0108.JPG (89624 bytes) 03Aug09-0113.JPG (87078 bytes)

Hogan, Mike
03Aug09-0061.JPG (81055 bytes) 03Aug09-0141.JPG (124229 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0013.JPG (64141 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0028.JPG (92383 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0038.JPG (81183 bytes)

Hudgens, Ken
03Aug09-0027.JPG (100488 bytes)

Jones, Brett - Didn't make it

Judd, Anita
03Aug09-0129.JPG (98364 bytes)

In Bagan, Myanmar in March 2003
AnitaInBagan.jpg (81999 bytes)

Anita Judd
    Home:  Morro Bay
    Occupation: Program Director, Atascadero State Hospital.  I manage a residential forensic program for Sexually Violent Predators.
    Hobbies:  International Travel, hiking, cross-country skiing, backpacking, running
    Volunteer activities:  Living History program at Hearst Castle (yes I get to swim in the pool)
    Accomplishments: In the past 10 years I have set foot on every continent on the planet.  Backpacked across the Sierras for the 2nd time in 1998.  And I became a good daughter to my aging parents.
    Little known fact:  Minister, State of CA since 1985. Just performed my 18th wedding.
    Favorite book: World Atlas, Jane Eyre, any poetry by Carla Martinez Riedel
    Glad I saw at reunion:  Everyone.  All there looked great and were so nice.  It was fun to talk to you again.
    Least changed ladies:  Kerry Murphy, Amy Miernicki

Julien, Mark
03Aug09-0091.JPG (90544 bytes)

Karlak, Loren - Didn't make it

Kasfeldt, Laurie
03Aug09-0094.JPG (98128 bytes) AvilaFrank-Kenny_and_Laurie.JPG (84322 bytes)

Kennelly, Kristi - Didn't make it

Kirkpatrick, Susie (now Volwiler)
03Aug09-0023.JPG (78362 bytes) 03Aug09-0079.JPG (82083 bytes) 03Aug09-0160.JPG (58426 bytes) 03Aug09-0152.JPG (130333 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0017.JPG (102618 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0042.JPG (101687 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0063.JPG (113167 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0077.JPG (65581 bytes)
[Susie is Director of Financial Services at Heald College in Salinas, CA]

Kraft, David
ParksG-03Aug09-0030.JPG (92292 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0026.JPG (77668 bytes)

Kresse, Marti - Didn't make it???

Kundert, Karen
03Aug09-0040.JPG (104580 bytes) 03Aug09-0107.JPG (76075 bytes) 03Aug09-0138.JPG (131741 bytes) 03Aug09-0159.JPG (92723 bytes) 03Aug09-0158.JPG (93993 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0060.JPG (80167 bytes)

Lafreniere, Paula
03Aug09-0028.JPG (106502 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0021.JPG (76561 bytes)

Laing, Mitch
03Aug09-0016.JPG (108198 bytes) 03Aug09-0155.JPG (86623 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0061.JPG (93926 bytes)
w/ Mark Roberts in New Zealand in 2002
w/Karen & Dixie the Dolphin in FL
at Panama Canal
"My Acapulco"w/Karen on cruiser bike
LaingMitchMLR_MCL.jpg (90297 bytes) LaingMitchKBDixieMCLSm.jpg (12080 bytes) LaingMitchMCLPanamaCanal.jpg (52007 bytes) LaingMitchMyAcapulco.jpg (50196 bytes) LaingMitchUsOnBike.jpg (63753 bytes)

Mitch Laing
   Spouse/Significant other: Karen Bouchard (14 years)
   Children/ages: Oops, I forgot to have Children
   Dogs: Lucy B (1988-Oct 2001) Lady B (Beagle-Terrier-Terror)
   Current home town: Sonoma CA, Birthplace of California Republic and home
of The Last Mission
   Current employer/position: The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa (Part of The New York Times Regional Group - whoopee) Publishing Systems Coordinator
   Hobbies: Roller Coasters, NASCAR, Visiting Gambling Mecca's, Theme
Parks, Motorcycles, Vacationing somewhere new and different
   Accomplishment: Survived to my 48th Birthday (My home page for the inside story)
   Charities: Make a Wish, Victory Junction Gang, SLO Cattlewomen's Roping
   Little known facts: Partied backstage with The Eagles. Early adoptee and "Evangelist" for Macintosh in Newspaper Publishing Industry - Now just a lowly Mac-Windows-Unix commoner getting regular pay and benefits. Crossed the Continental Divide something like 12 times on a Motorcycle adventure. First subscriber in Sonoma to DiSH Network Satellite TV
   Cooking advice: Barbequed Ribs are Never Boiled
   Would I take a ride on the next Space Shuttle: Yes
   Favorite book: I read a book once... (paraphrasing Jeremiah Johnson)
   Favorite movies: Oceans 11 (original), Donovan's Reef, Blade Runner (all versions), Apollo 13, Citizen Kane...
   Favorite TV shows: JAG, CSI, SF Giants, Monday race recap on Speed, 956 Music Channel
   Favorite Quote: "You just keep thinking Butch, that's what you do best"

Lambert, Alan
03Aug09-0058.JPG (72340 bytes) 03Aug09-0063.JPG (98638 bytes) 03Aug09-0095.JPG (68935 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0024.JPG (81738 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0034.JPG (68568 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0056.JPG (88135 bytes)

Alan Lambert
Spouse: Rachel
Children/ages: Caleb James 2 years old
Current home town: San Luis Obispo, previously Germany, Corvallis, OR, State College, PA, and Colorado
Current empolyer/position: Self-employed, The Basketball Highway, founder and President/CEO
Current hobbies: Travel, cooking, guitar, water skiing, games of all kinds, reading, watching old movies
Significant accomplishments: Author, Member of the National Association of Basketball Coaches International Committee, Professional Basketball Coach
Volunteer activities: Leader of Men's Fellowship Breakfast for my church, Peoples Kitchen (SLO), Music Ministries
Little known facts: Went behind the Iron Curtain coaching several times prior to the Wall coming down in '89.
Favorite books: Jeff and Michael Shara's books on the civil and revolutionary war, Stephen Ambrose, William Manchester's The Glory and the Dream, most well-researched history books.
Favorite movies: It's a Wonderful Life (yeah I know kind of sappy), Casablanca, The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Favorite TV shows: JAG, Law & Order, don't watch much other than sports
Favorite annual events: NCAA Final Four and Coaches Convention, Mid-State Fair
Glad I saw at reunion: All those I haven't seen for years; Mitch Laing, David Chan, Mark Roberts, Doug Chase, Cheryl Gerard-Bolls, and really all of you who were able to attend.
Favorite Quote: "The world is a great kindergarten where everything is trying to teach us it's lessons." - OS Marden 

Larson, Trudy
03Aug09-0071.JPG (106861 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0016.JPG (98544 bytes)

Leverich, Cam
03Aug09-0078.JPG (103408 bytes) AvilaFrank-Cam_and_Roberto.JPG (71125 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0027.JPG (79312 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0033.JPG (65337 bytes)

Lowe, Donna (now Ferrell)
03Aug09-0020.JPG (92820 bytes) 03Aug09-0109.JPG (96038 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0039.JPG (88506 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0062.JPG (56307 bytes)

Donna & Ed Ferrell
    We have lived in Atascadero since 1977 and raised our three kids here. Our oldest, Kara, is 24 and got married last October.  She and her husband live in San Ardo, CA where Kara teaches 7th & 8th grade at the elementary school.  Our son, Luke, lives here in Atascadero. He is 22. He builds decks, etc. for mobile homes.  Our youngest daughter, Lindsey, is 19.  She still lives at home and is finishing cosmetology school. She starts at Cuesta this week too.
    We own an auto repair business, Ferrell's Auto Repair, in Atascadero and Ed runs that.  After 10 years of coaching high school softball and summer travel ball at Atascadero H.S., he finally retired. When he is not at work, he is on the golf course.
    Donna works as the secretary in an elementary school in Atascadero and loves it. Life has been good and we have truly been blessed.

Luis, Georgianne
03Aug09-0017.JPG (112994 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0015.JPG (106925 bytes)

Mansfield, Melanie (now Adkins(sp?))
03Aug09-0022.JPG (106018 bytes)

Matheny, Louise
03Aug09-0052.JPG (115074 bytes) 03Aug09-0109.JPG (96038 bytes) 03Aug09-0152.JPG (130333 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0017.JPG (102618 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0075.JPG (71604 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0077.JPG (65581 bytes)

Louise M. Matheny
Spouse/Significant Other: None and too many affairs to remember!
Current Home: SLO
Employer: Morris and Garritano Insurance
Significant Accomplishments: Climbed Mt. Whitney (14,497 ft) on August 3, 2003
Hobbies: Travel, reading, hiking, attending wine events, shopping and hanging out with friends and family
Volunteer: Workforce Investment Board for SLO County; VP Region 4 for Calif. Employer Advisory Council; SLO City Personnel Advisory Commission;YMCA HR Committee; Immediate Past Pres. of Human Resources Association of the Central Coast;SLO County Employer Advisory Council, annual volunteer for KCBX Wine Classic and graduate of SLO Leadership Class X. 
Little Known Fact: Hopped a freight train. 
Favorite Book: Yargo by Jacqueline Susann
Favorite Movie: Calamity Jane
Favorite TV Show: Twin Peaks (I was a major Peaker!)
Favorite Annual Event: KCBX Wine Classic
Favorite Quote: "Just Do It!"
Future Goals: Travel to Russia, spend more time in London and figure out a way to buy a house in SLO!

McCarger, Lindsay
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McClenathan, Dian (now Robinson)
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McGuire, Teri - Didn't make it???

McIlwain, Donna (now Fipps)
03Aug09-0100.JPG (126004 bytes) 03Aug09-0101.JPG (104042 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0029.JPG (105456 bytes)

McLaughlin, Jeannie
03Aug09-0071.JPG (106861 bytes)

McRobbie, Marti
03Aug09-0017.JPG (112994 bytes) 03Aug09-0123.JPG (103400 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0015.JPG (106925 bytes)

Miernicki, Amy
03Aug09-0110.JPG (107240 bytes)  
With Mary Holman in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
With Elena Garcia and Patty Mugler in Hawaii
MiernickiAmy-DSCN0846.JPG (69349 bytes) MiernickiAmy-DSCN0847.JPG (56067 bytes) MiernickiAmy-elenaamy.JPG (82847 bytes)

Miller, John
03Aug09-0043.JPG (88611 bytes)

Miller, Tim
03Aug09-0073.JPG (82671 bytes) 03Aug09-0075.JPG (123317 bytes) 03Aug09-0150.JPG (66281 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0032.JPG (48617 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0051.JPG (89565 bytes)
ParksG-03Aug09-0052.JPG (108129 bytes)

Morris, Karen
03Aug09-0041.JPG (127230 bytes) 03Aug09-0119.JPG (105541 bytes) 03Aug09-0125.JPG (99595 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0031.JPG (112301 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0055.JPG (92354 bytes)
    Least changed ladies:  Susie Kirkpatrick
    Least changed guys:  John Angerer
    Most changed ladies:  Debra Hartley
    Most changed guys:  Bob Cunningham
    Should be at next reunion:  Donna Asher, Sarah Holroyd, Jill Jennings

Morris, Ken
03Aug09-0065.JPG (60701 bytes) AvilaFrank-Kenny_and_Laurie.JPG (84322 bytes)

Mugler, Patty (now Acheff)
03Aug09-0033.JPG (114138 bytes) 03Aug09-0110.JPG (107240 bytes)
With Elena Garcia and Amy Miernicki in Hawaii
MiernickiAmy-elenaamy.JPG (82847 bytes)

Patty Mugler
    I was a Bio Sci major at Poly in '73, then transferred to UC Davis as a Junior and majored in Plant Science.  I have a Landscape Design business in Portland, OR called Visionscapes Northwest.

Murphy, Kerry (now Cirone)
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03Aug09-0135.JPG (114046 bytes) AvilaFrank-Sharon_and_Kerry.JPG (62697 bytes) 03Aug09-0159.JPG (92723 bytes) 03Aug09-0158.JPG (93993 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0061.JPG (93926 bytes)

Negrete, Norma (now ???)
03Aug09-0047.JPG (110967 bytes)

Nelson, Doug
03Aug09-0055.JPG (108674 bytes)

O'Donnell, Miriam (and her sister Beth)
03Aug09-0032.JPG (120988 bytes) 03Aug09-0101.JPG (104042 bytes)

Oliveira, Kevin
03Aug09-0057.JPG (54679 bytes)

Outland, Debbie (now Poole)
03Aug09-0076.JPG (72288 bytes) 03Aug09-0110.JPG (107240 bytes)

Parker, Stefanie
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Parks, Greg
03Aug09-0036.JPG (83519 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0004.JPG (90658 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0087.JPG (85287 bytes)
With cousins at Jazz Concert at Bass Lake on 4th of July.
Some of our birds!
Dinosaur Caves, hmm have a few memories here!
Our Daughters
Ruth & I in SF Japanese Gardens
Ruth & I outside Red Rock in Denver
ParksGreg-DSC00044.JPG (121007 bytes) ParksGreg-DSC00006.JPG (69728 bytes) ParksGreg-DSC00015.JPG (91195 bytes) ParksGreg-DSC00073.JPG (59932 bytes)
 ParksGreg-DSC00032.JPG (91869 bytes) ParksGreg-DSC00047.JPG (92524 bytes) ParksGreg-DSC00058.JPG (91271 bytes) ParksGreg-DSC00153.JPG (51806 bytes)
[Greg is the Program Director of a Central Coast High Tech interest group called SOFTEC]

Perez, Roberto
03Aug09-0051.JPG (76100 bytes) AvilaFrank-Cam_and_Roberto.JPG (71125 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0030.JPG (92292 bytes)

Pettit, Jim
03Aug09-0080.JPG (57626 bytes) 03Aug09-0161.JPG (51004 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0043.JPG (86845 bytes)
[Jim is a painting contractor in North Lake Tahoe - Pettit Painting]

Pillow, Vince
03Aug09-0034.JPG (90687 bytes) 03Aug09-0075.JPG (123317 bytes) 03Aug09-0103.JPG (107828 bytes) 03Aug09-0127.JPG (79192 bytes) 03Aug09-0140.JPG (113500 bytes) 03Aug09-0143.JPG (99613 bytes) 03Aug09-0147.JPG (114081 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0022.JPG (53090 bytes)
[Vince is the Managing Editor of Leading Estates of the World magazine.]

Porter, Merry
03Aug09-0060.JPG (50590 bytes) 03Aug09-0129.JPG (98364 bytes) 03Aug09-0131.JPG (93438 bytes)

Protopapas, Connie (now Foster)
03Aug09-0047.JPG (110967 bytes) 03Aug09-0161.JPG (51004 bytes) 03Aug09-0156.JPG (105228 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0039.JPG (88506 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0068.JPG (83979 bytes)
[Connie is Assoc. Director of Housing & Hospitality at UCLA.]

Quaglino, Mike
03Aug09-0064.JPG (102428 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0051.JPG (89565 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0052.JPG (108129 bytes)

Rademacher, Steve
03Aug09-0031.JPG (109481 bytes)

Rizzoli, Janet
03Aug09-0052.JPG (115074 bytes) 03Aug09-0152.JPG (130333 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0055.JPG (92354 bytes)

Roark, Robin
03Aug09-0076.JPG (72288 bytes) 03Aug09-0110.JPG (107240 bytes)

Roberts, Loren - Didn't make it
[Loren has been a PGA professional golfer forever.  He played the 85th PGA Championship Tournament at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, NY, the weekend after this reunion.  He finished with a 4-over 284 (70-73-70-71) in a three-way tie for 7th with Fred Funk and Mike Weir.  Well done, Loren!]

Roberts, Mark
03Aug09-0021.JPG (91250 bytes) 03Aug09-0138.JPG (131741 bytes) 03Aug09-0139.JPG (97717 bytes) 03Aug09-0155.JPG (86623 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0061.JPG (93926 bytes)
These pix were taken when Mitch Laing went down to visit him in NZ at Lake Tasman.  Also some wedding pix.
RobertsMark-LakeTasmanNZ.jpg (80891 bytes) RobertsMark_Jayne_wedding.jpg (89468 bytes) RobertsMark_Jayne.jpg (50016 bytes) RobertsMark_Fishermans_wharf.jpg (50033 bytes)

Rodgers, David (and Lisa Nelson Rodgers)
03Aug09-0037.JPG (67710 bytes) 03Aug09-0107.JPG (76075 bytes)

Roest, Sharon
03Aug09-0041.JPG (127230 bytes) 03Aug09-0097.JPG (88319 bytes) 03Aug09-0125.JPG (99595 bytes) AvilaFrank-Sharon_and_Kerry.JPG (62697 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0055.JPG (92354 bytes)

Rogers, John
03Aug09-0059.JPG (107595 bytes) 03Aug09-0096.JPG (77394 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0049.JPG (98657 bytes)

Sager, Steve
ParksG-03Aug09-0051.JPG (89565 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0052.JPG (108129 bytes)

Scheffer, Debbie (now Stiles)
03Aug09-0100.JPG (126004 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0029.JPG (105456 bytes)

Schey, Mary (now York)
03Aug09-0018.JPG (82180 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0009.JPG (88313 bytes)

Schoening, Jana (now Tuffs)
03Aug09-0071.JPG (106861 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0016.JPG (98544 bytes)

Jana J. Tuffs (Schoening)
    Spouse/Significant other: Michael Tuffs (from Klamath Falls, Ore)
    Children/ages: Jennifer (24) Jeffrey (22)
step kids: Jason Tuffs (33), Jennifer Putnam (31), Heather Davis (30)
    Current home town: San Carlos, CA 
    Current employer/position: Costco, baker
    Current hobbies: Curves for Women
    Significant accomplishments: Passed State of CA Life Insurance Test
    Volunteer activities: Thinking about being a mentor
    Any little known facts: Stress makes you fat!!
    Favorite books I like reading anything about nutrition, and motivational books
    Favorite movies The last one I saw was My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Favorite TV shows Dr. Phil and Oprah
    Favorite annual events  Vacations
    Glad I saw at reunion:  Trudy (Larson), Jeanne (McLaughlin), Marlene (Benner), Jean Bodah, Gene Hale, Cathy (Smith), Stephanie (Fincher) and hubby John Gorman. Everyone actually, it was SO MUCH FUN!!
ps thank you Loren Roberts for your generous donation!!
    Favorite Quotes: "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" title of a book by Susan J. Jeffers.  I have many but this was the last one I wrote down.

Schultz, Ed
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ParksG-03Aug09-0087.JPG (85287 bytes)

Schumacher, Karen - Didn't make it

Seitz, Mike
03Aug09-0044.JPG (92773 bytes) 03Aug09-0115.JPG (76499 bytes)

Silva, Tom
03Aug09-0024.JPG (94681 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0006.JPG (83782 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0051.JPG (89565 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0052.JPG (108129 bytes)

Smith, Cathy (now ???)
03Aug09-0048.JPG (93441 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0009.JPG (88313 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0038.JPG (81183 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0067.JPG (85286 bytes)

Snyder, Mike
03Aug09-0010.JPG (100142 bytes) AvilaFrank-Mike_and_Debra.JPG (90851 bytes)

Souza, Marlene
03Aug09-0070.JPG (101949 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0019.JPG (91325 bytes)

Souza, Melanie
03Aug09-0042.JPG (126959 bytes) 03Aug09-0086.JPG (117837 bytes) 03Aug09-0108.JPG (89624 bytes)

Spoeneman, Carol
03Aug09-0090.JPG (70150 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0051.JPG (89565 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0052.JPG (108129 bytes)

Steinman, Gary
03Aug09-0069.JPG (49595 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0061.JPG (93926 bytes)

Twyeffort, Barbara
03Aug09-0043.JPG (88611 bytes) 03Aug09-0109.JPG (96038 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0062.JPG (56307 bytes)

Wafford, Lisa
03Aug09-0084.JPG (51785 bytes) 03Aug09-0092.JPG (78919 bytes) 03Aug09-0125.JPG (99595 bytes) 03Aug09-0157.JPG (85870 bytes) 03Aug09-0156.JPG (105228 bytes)

Watson, Julie
03Aug09-0052.JPG (115074 bytes) 03Aug09-0141.JPG (124229 bytes) 03Aug09-0154.JPG (116741 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0039.JPG (88506 bytes)

Julie Watson, aka “Inspector Watson”
Spouse/Significant Other: delighted to be single
Children: Dan, 16, is itching for the car keys
Current hometown: Roseville, near Sacramento. Previously lived in Mount Shasta, Cool, Tucson, SLO, Bakersfield!?!, Arcata & Santa Cruz, among others
Employer/position: State of California – Rail Safety Inspector
Significant Accomplishments: skydived at age 19, traveled to all 50 states, survived working on call for 22+ years, nights, days, & weekends on the Railroad.
Hobbies: hiking, backpacking, travel, learning mountain biking from my son
Volunteer: Operation Lifesaver presenter (public education program on Rail Safety), in training to be a Sierra Club hike leader, and county Search and Rescue volunteer
Organized Watson family reunion & looking forward to organizing get together for classmates in Sacramento area
Little known fact: Competed (once) in a National Masters Track & Field event
Favorite Book: “Two Little Savages” read as a pre-teen, learned about surviving in the woods.
Favorite Movie: like comedies and dramas. Of course, I watch action movies when my son gets to pick
Favorite Quote: I seem to say “Work comes before play” to my son a lot when it’s chore time. Ok, it’s boring, but absolutely nothing would get done without it
Favorite annual event: small-town 4th of July celebration in Mount Shasta, camping at Lake Siskiyou & visiting friends
Future goals: Climb to the top of Mount Shasta, and watch another Olympics (went to Montreal in 76)
Glad I saw at reunion: Lea Brooks (we have lived near each other for years and finally touched bases), Barbara Atlee, Mike Hogan, Connie Protopapas & everyone else there

Weipert, Eddie
03Aug09-0053.JPG (89126 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0007.JPG (70974 bytes)

Welch, Ron (Lt. Colonel USAF)
03Aug09-0013.JPG (83269 bytes) 03Aug09-0117.JPG (80396 bytes) 03Aug09-0118.JPG (111934 bytes) 03Aug09-0139.JPG (97717 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0023.JPG (60874 bytes)

Ron Welch
    I am an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel stationed at Randolph AFB with the 340th Fighter Training Group.  I have a son who is a Junior at SAC state studying Civil Engineering, (much smarter than his old man).  I have been at Randolph for 6 months.. I was a squadron commander up at Vance AFB, OK before coming down here.
    Least changed ladies:  Karen Morris, Paula Lafreniere, Saundra Hoeschel
    Least changed guys:  Doug Chase, David Harrell, Ken Hudgens

Whitford, Terri (now Bates)
03Aug09-0104.JPG (87937 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0008.JPG (97281 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0058.JPG (63386 bytes)

Terri (Whitford) Bates
    Spouse: Guy Bates; Atascadero HS Grad, '71
    Children: Sam, 24 yrs., Volunteer Firefighter
    Current Hometown: Valley Springs, CA. (Calaveras County-and yes, we do have the Celebrated Jumping Frog Jubilee, the 3rd week of May, at our County Fair) and home of the beautiful La Contenta Golf Course.
    Current Employment: Charge R.N., Surgical Services, Mark Twain Hospital in San Andreas, CA. (Go figure that you'd hear the name "Mark Twain")
    Hobbies:  Family, golf, travel/Harley mama, beading, boating, gardening, whatever fits in the schedule
    Significant accomplishments: Daughter, wife, mother;
    Current Past-Chair Advisor for the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses national Rural/Small Hospital Specialty Assembly; recently appointed to the selection committee for local Habitat for Humanity; Alumni of Inaugural Calaveras County Leadership Class; a survivor!
    Volunteer activities: HFH, Community First Aid Booth at County Fair, Fall Health Festival, several hospital committees
    Any little known facts: Nothing earth-shattering; relatively boring
    Favorite book: Mae West on Sex, Health and ESP
    Favorite movie: Wizard of Oz - the wicked witch used to scare the hell out of me!
    Favorite quote: "When given the choice between two evils, I always choose the one I've never had before."-Mae West

Wiech, Leslie (now Mrs. Ron Bearce)
03Aug09-0045.JPG (75738 bytes) 03Aug09-0148.JPG (103676 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0063.JPG (113167 bytes)

Wiens, Sara (now Mrs. Drew Medzyk)
03Aug09-0030.JPG (72371 bytes) 03Aug09-0114.JPG (79956 bytes) 03Aug09-0130.JPG (89801 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0017.JPG (102618 bytes)

Williams, Richard
03Aug09-0126.JPG (104894 bytes) 03Aug09-0127.JPG (79192 bytes) 03Aug09-0128.JPG (64804 bytes) 03Aug09-0131.JPG (93438 bytes) 03Aug09-0138.JPG (131741 bytes)
AvilaFrank-Doug_and_Dick.JPG (85214 bytes)

In Memoriam

Karen Cannon

Larry "Buzzy" Carothers

John Farmer

Roy Fitton

Joe Hughes

Monica Kitterman

Bob Madsen

Leon Maksoudian

Mark Miller

Mike Pennington

Milton Pennington

Kenny Ritchie

Richard "Rick" Seseńa
December 2003
Automobile accident in Arroyo Grande

Barry Smith
March 2006

Laurie Switzer

Other pix, candids or pix of people I haven't ID'd yet.

03Aug09-0001.JPG (60019 bytes)

03Aug09-0004.JPG (317183 bytes) 03Aug09-0005.JPG (54817 bytes) 03Aug09-0011.JPG (77405 bytes) 03Aug09-0002.JPG (57768 bytes)

03Aug09-0116.JPG (102911 bytes) 03Aug09-0118.JPG (111934 bytes) 03Aug09-0120.JPG (87154 bytes) 03Aug09-0124.JPG (100094 bytes) 03Aug09-0125.JPG (99595 bytes)

03Aug09-0130.JPG (89801 bytes) 03Aug09-0133.JPG (87188 bytes) 03Aug09-0132.JPG (122320 bytes) 03Aug09-0134.JPG (56992 bytes)

AvilaFrank-John_D_and_friends.JPG (100870 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0008.JPG (97281 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0011.JPG (65037 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0012.JPG (98755 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0013.JPG (64141 bytes)

ParksG-03Aug09-0018.JPG (87672 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0019.JPG (91325 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0020.JPG (107899 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0022.JPG (53090 bytes)

ParksG-03Aug09-0024.JPG (81738 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0025.JPG (93890 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0026.JPG (77668 bytes)

ParksG-03Aug09-0027.JPG (79312 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0029.JPG (105456 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0031.JPG (112301 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0032.JPG (48617 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0033.JPG (65337 bytes)

ParksG-03Aug09-0034.JPG (68568 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0038.JPG (81183 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0039.JPG (88506 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0042.JPG (101687 bytes)

ParksG-03Aug09-0050.JPG (84985 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0043.JPG (86845 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0044.JPG (85452 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0049.JPG (98657 bytes)

ParksG-03Aug09-0051.JPG (89565 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0052.JPG (108129 bytes)
The Los Ranchos Elementary School Gang

ParksG-03Aug09-0056.JPG (88135 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0054.JPG (114100 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0055.JPG (92354 bytes)

ParksG-03Aug09-0057.JPG (96331 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0060.JPG (80167 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0059.JPG (81367 bytes)

ParksG-03Aug09-0061.JPG (93926 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0062.JPG (56307 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0063.JPG (113167 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0068.JPG (83979 bytes)

ParksG-03Aug09-0075.JPG (71604 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0076.JPG (73012 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0077.JPG (65581 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0087.JPG (85287 bytes) ParksG-03Aug09-0088.JPG (45983 bytes)

Absent classmates

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