Anita Judd

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Home: Morro Bay

Status: Not married, no kids

Occupation: As a result of "turning 50 restlessness", I've made a couple of job changes- of my own volition- in the last 18 months. Until 2006 I was a Program Director at Atascadero State Hospital. Then I became a Deputy Commissioner for the Board of Parole Hearings. Now I am a Nurse Instructor at CMC. Each has had it's own rewards. I've worked for the State of California for over 30 years, so I hope to retire within 5 years. Or rather, move on to a new career that I haven't identified yet. Something fun, hopefully.

Hobbies: International Travel, hiking, cross-country skiing, running

Volunteer activities: Living History program at Hearst Castle for the past 15 years. You can see me on their web site at Hearst Castle website (2002 photo). Yes, I get to swim in the pool.

Accomplishments: I recently completed Massage Practitioner school. International travel continues to be my passion (too many travel stories to tell in this writing). I have visited all the continents, each more than once except I've only visited Antarctica once. Since the last reunion I've been to Bali twice, Amsterdam, Iceland twice, Svalbard (Arctic Norway) to see Polar Bears, and Greenland. Got run over in Amsterdam and couldn't walk for a while. Now I feel grateful every day for the ability to walk. The last couple of years I've devoted more time to home and domestic travel. Joined Mensa.

Little known fact: Minister, State of CA since 1985. If anyone wants to get married at the reunion, I can perform the ceremony. And as a Massage Practitioner I can massage you the next day (a wedding night at our age is bound to produce some aches and pains!).