Ann Reno/Rupley

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I think my opening line is probably, "More of the same, only more experienced."

Still married to Ted, coming up on 30 years in September. Met about our third year at Cal Poly. Moved to Seattle area for Boeing in 1980.

Still two daughters, almost 21 and almost 24. One in college, one done. The one in college getting married in October to a good guy. So, getting very close to an empty nest. Have great kids, but looking forward to the next stage. No more pets, after a cat and 3 dogs (serially over the years).

Still living in Washington state, greater Puget Sound area. Our semi-rural immediate area is fast becoming a major wine producing/touring area, and carrying a lot of us along with it. So, have been picking up on that hobby (primarily Ted, who is a member of the Washington State Wine Ambassador program). I'm along for the ride.

Both still work for Wildlife Computers, in Redmond, Washington. (Yes, THAT Redmond, but no, not THAT software company...). Ted in engineering, and I'm the Customer Relations Manager. Been with the company for about 10 years and watched it grow from 8 employees to 31. I've had about 5 different titles as the job evolved and company grew, but overall I've been the guardian of the company reputation and builder of relationships with researchers who use our products.
  The company keeps a fairly low profile in general. However, if anyone has been watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel, including the Dirty Jobs-Greenland Shark episode, our instruments show up in several of those shows.

Active in the music ministry of our church leading a worship band, and Ted being the "sound guy."

Enjoy traveling, especially Europe. Italy is by far our favorite travel destination. Been there a few times and plan to go back within the next year or so. Building on our Italian with each trip (not that we can actually speak it yet, but we keep trying.) Other than that, we get back to California every so often to visit family in SLO and Amador County (SE of Sacramento).

Due to conflicting dates and distances, last made it to a reunion 30 years ago. So, looking forward to seeing people in August!