Elena Garcia

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Art Farm

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Book & Beach

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Chinatown Honolulu

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Danny, my honey

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Egg Shades

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Fish Camp

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at art

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Me at the wheel

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Miata & Pancho

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Our house

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Ski trip with
the queens

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Slalom race

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Surf Dog

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The Dog

I'm better at pictures than words.  The bio on my website www.elenagarcia.com covers it in a nutshell, and most recently (the last two years) I've been involved volunteering at our local art center.  I'm focused on concrete sculpture and ceramics, although I dabble in all sorts of media.  We have many artists from all over the word showing up here to do exciting workshops.  I will join faculty in September, teaching a concrete sculpture class.  If anyone is coming to visit, check out the art center at www.donkeymillartcenter.org     

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Yuta at the Art Farm

Am also showing paintings at Volcano art center Gallery in the Vocano National Park.  The volcano is really going off this last month, worth the trip. www.volcanoartcenter.org     I'd love to see any classmates/family/friends when you come to the big island of Hawaii.  Please look me up!  Our house is small, but Amy Miernicki (Mounts) owns a reasonably priced 1-bedroom rental condo on the shore just a few blocks from our house.  She's in the book, in Pismo Beach.  Book early, it fills up in the winter months.     

I've finally gotten over my phobia of all things vehicular (after that terrible hit and run accident in 2001)  How?  I got myself a fast little red convertible.  Wheeeeeee!  Hope to see you over here.  Go fast, Get a tan, meet some girls/boys.   


Elena \