San Luis Obispo Senior High
Class of '73 Reunion

August 2003

People Who Couldn't Make The Reunion
But We Are In Touch With

I wrote the info in [] from what I think
I know, so I could be wrong.  Otherwise, the info 
is from a reliable source if not the absentee.
~ A. David Chan ~

Missing People

Aanerud, Jeanne

Ayers, Mike

Barrow, Jack

Photo by Jack's daughter at a Girl Scout meeting
BarrowJack-12250007.jpg (41118 bytes)
Jack Barrow
   Spouse/Significant other:  Taeko.  Her children's English school is doing nicely. No one quits! Probably because I throw great BBQ's.
   Children/ages: John is 12 and Julie is 8, raising them as bilinguals. Never a dull moment. 
   Current residence: Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, between Kobe and Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. We are located in Kansai or western Japan with access to Kobe, Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto, a great place to start your trip. Your guest room is waiting. 
   Current employer/position:  Osaka International University, a private univ with a nice foreign student program.  If your child wants to study in Japan, let me know.  I teach in the International Communication Department (languages and cultures, international business, education, museum science mix)
   Current hobbies/pastimes: swimming and working out at a sports club, tennis and basketball with kids, camping at the lake, BBQ, riding my bicycle, walking/jogging, computer, homeschooling
   Volunteer activities: scouting, collective bargaining and advising in labor disputes with educational workers
Any little know facts: won a few labor disputes, was VP of a small Japanese labor union, worked as an apprentice line mechanic in SLO and experienced some walk outs, working class to the bone, I guess, was a tour guide at Hearst Castle in my Poly days and swam in the outdoor pool (only a couple of times), met the Hearsts, always survive longer than management.
   Contact:  Email me at homeEmail me at work
   Message:  I wish I could have made the 30th.  I made the 10th through the 25th reunions and had a great time thanks to those who volunteered their time to put them all together.  My family wants to visit the States next year so I hope to meet some of you then.  Have a good year!

Beath, Mary

Borrowman, Janet

Canaan, Robin (now Rita Westley)

Rita Westley
    Call me Rita, I have used that name since I was in my early twenties.  I live in England, with my husband Jeff, who is English.  I will try to send a picture, I am going to Slovenia in about 4 days and maybe someone will be kind and take a picture that makes me look fantastic and young and slim, so that everyone will say, Oh My!  haahaa. I have stayed in semi-touch with Debbie Henderson, and emailed Melanie Chestnut not too long ago.  I have been writing to Andy Ekegren for more than a year. If I wrote a BIO it would be more like a novel, I will have a go when I return from Slovenia.  Take Care mates!

Cotter, Sharon

Curzon, Elliott

Elliott Curzon
    Living in:  Alexandria, Va. (just across Potomac River from DC)
   Married 18 years: wife, LaDonna (from Kansas, although I met her here in DC); daughters, Rachel (14) and Sarah (12). Both excellent students. Sarah is already a politician having served as student government president of her elementary school
   Employed: lawyer, Washington, DC office of Dechert, LLP, a Philly-based international law firm. I specialize in securities law representing mutual fund companies and other securities distributors (stockbrokers) of all kinds. I am currently writing a book on anti-money laundering law -- it will be a great cure for insomnia. I'll autograph a copy for anyone who buys it.
    I was 3 years behind John Angerer at McGeorge Law School in Sacramento (he graduated in '80, I was class of '83). Paul Ready (SLOSH Class of '74) was McGeorge '82 and practices in SLO with Farmer and Ready.
    Hobbies and Interests: Politics  I may be candidate for biggest change, becoming solid conservative (really libertarian), including being a card-carrying Republican and a member of the Federalist Society (conservative law association that acts as counterpoint to American Bar Association) and NRA ("gun control is a steady aim"); fishing, boating, hunting (member of Ducks Unlimited), gardening, cooking.  Looking forward to building weekend/retirement place on Chesapeake Bay on property we just acquired on Virginia side of the mouth of the Potomac. Fishing, crabbing, tonging for oysters, hunting duck, geese and turkey (usually with not much success).
    I like to work around the house building things, fixing things. I love car racing (all kinds) as a fan (would love to race myself, but it's not in the cards -- my wife sent me to Skip Barber competition school a few years ago and I was the fastest in my class, but the sport is too expensive and time consuming right now). I like hockey (Washington Capitals), football (Redskins), college hoops (I've adopted the Kansas Jayhawks, my wife's alma mater).

Davidson, Michael

Day, Lori

Dorman, Bert

Feldhacker, Paula

Living in Alaska and working at the University of Alaska.

Freeman, Alan

[NOT DEAD!  Alive and living in Arroyo Grande.  Still coaching swimming.  Still real shy.  I have his email addr. if you would like to contact him.]

Garcia, Elena

[Elena is living in Kona-Kailua on the big island of Hawaii working as a professional artist.  Garcia Studio  She says she just got connected in April and is a little overwhelmed by the whole computer thing.]

Garza, Richard

[Rick "stumbled" across this website and dropped me some email.  He is living in Arcata, CA and is a director/officer of Internews; a non-profit, open media advocacy group.  He has been with Internews for about 5 yrs. trying to "save the world."  That's pretty much what I guessed he was going to do with his life.  I have his email addr. if you would like to email him.  He promises to make the next "whatever."]

Gensemer, Ned

Goulart, Evonne (now Mathews)

Evonne Mathews
    We just returned from a vacation overseas and sadly wished we could have been there for the reunion. It was great however to see (virtually) everyone online and will look forward to making the trip to California in 5 years if plans stay the same as are now being discussed .  I still stay in contact with a handful of high school pals and see them whenever we can get away from our busy lives. 
    I left California 12 years ago to make a move east with my husband, Kevin (married 28 years) to continue his work on the Hubble Space telescope. I'm a graphic designer and software developer for the University of Maryland here in College Park, Maryland .  I have 3 grown children (a girl and two boys).

Grandy, Sara (now Rudeen)

Sara Grandy Rudeen
    Married to Del for 18 years. Two children, Nathan (11) and Anna (8 1/2). Living in Santa Barbara and have been here since attending Westmont College. Working part time as a bookkeeper. Del works at Northern Trust Bank.
    Hobby/Free time:  Chasing kids at school and sports and thoroughly enjoying it.

Granger, Janet

Harvey, Karen

Hathaway, Jerry

Henderson, John

Hobberlin, Mark

[Hobbs is a self-employed insurance inspector.  He stumbled onto this website and contacted me.  He has been in contact with Ned Gensemer and Mike Hicks.  He's wondering what happened to the rest of the water polo team.]

Holman, Ida

Holman, Mary

[Amy Miernicki is in touch with Mary Holman, who is living in Hawaii, and therefore in touch with Ida.]

Honeyman, Bill

Bill Honeyman
    Spouse: Jana (married since 76)
    Child: Amanda (22), Kelli (19).  We are empty nesters now, one in graduate school, the other in 2nd year of college.
    Home: Huntington Beach, CA (Yup, Surf City).
    Employment: Director of Information Systems, American Red Cross (Orange County) After making the big bucks for 25 years, time to give back to the community (read “less stress, more fun”).
    Favorite books: Shadow, Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate and High Stakes, No Prisoners (both non-fiction) and then anything by Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, Stephen King, Stewart Woods, and many others.
    Hobbies: Travel, Amateur Radio, Reading, Computers
    Quote: "Power perceived is power achieved" - I forget which movie that was from…
    Project Management Company.    American Red Cross (OC Chapter).

Huscher, Gary

[Gary graduated from Cal Poly and then went to grad school at Oregon State.  As the Manager of Application Development for Kaiser-Permanente in Oregon, he has been instrumental in developing Electronic Medical Record systems.  He has been happily married for 19 years and has three children; two sons 16 and 10 and a daughter 13.]

Johnson, Bob

Jones, Francie (now Langley)

[Francie is a Certified Public Accountant and a partner in the accounting firm of Scott, Mainord & Langley Inc. CPAs in Visalia, CA.  She was in the middle of changing accounting firms and moving during the reunion and couldn't make it.  She says she will make the next one.]

Jones, Sherri

Karlak, Loren

Kelly, Erin

Kennelly, Kristi

Langford, Barbara (now Schroeder)

Barbara Langford Schroeder 
    Spouse/Significant other: Mark (23 years)
    Children/ages: David/20, Matt/18
    Current home town:  Boone, NC as of two weeks ago
    Current employer/position: unpacking boxes, stripping wallpaper, and painting
    Current hobbies: reading, theatre, traveling
    Significant accomplishments: raised two fantastic guys!
    Volunteer activities: Habitat for humanity, 
    Any little know facts: lived in Papua New Guinea for 4 years
    Favorite book the Harry Potter series at the moment (I was teaching elementary reading and writing before we moved)
    Favorite movie  none
    Favorite quote  none

Langford, Bonnie (now Glidden)

Bonnie Glidden
    Married (26 years and counting...), one daughter (23 years old, just graduated from college and living in Ann Arbor, MI).
    After 18 years in Colorado and 5 years in Kansas, we have moved to France. Dan [Glidden] works for The Coleman Company (you know, the camping stuff, lanterns and such??), and their European, African & Middle Eastern headquarters are in Lyon, France.  Dan was given the opportunity to be president of this group in fall of 2002, so off we went!  We'll be here a few years - the timing is indefinite.
    Life in France is so different from life in the US, it is difficult to really explain in a sentence or two. Suffice it to say that Americans are truly spoiled with all of the conveniences and space that we take so totally for granted. We are learning tons about living in a different culture, taking full advantage of the opportunity to travel around Europe, taking French lessons with the hopes of someday actually understanding what is being said to us, and eating things we are not able to actually identify!
    Aside from trying to keep up with the daily demands of life and studying my French, I spend my time with travel, writing, watercolors, hiking, and reading. As much as I miss being so far from family and friends in the US, I really can't complain about life in France. 

Mach, Bob

Bob Mach
    [Bob is a Physical Therapist and the Area Clinical Manager for Rehab Specialists in Portland, OR.]

McCracken, Catherine

McGuire, Teri

Teri Rogers
    Spouse:  Al Rogers (class of '71), married 27 years.
    Child:  One girl - Stacy 17 yrs. old 
    Home:  Have been living in Hillsboro, OR ( west of Portland) for about 25 yrs.  Moved here after Al graduated from Poly, he took a teaching job, is now a principal.
    Employment:  Office manager for our school district's alternative middle school for the last 7 years.  Very diverse job description, quite trying at times (middle school kids have got to be the toughest age group), and I love it!
    Our district was unfortunate last year, in having probably the largest number of cut days due to the state budget - - 17 DAYS! That was not a pretty sight reflected on our paychecks.
    Sanity workout: Curves for Women
    Favorite books: Love reading, always have something going by my bedside. 
    Hobbies: Just completed a large addition onto our home, now it's time to get back to water-skiing and boating on the beautiful Portland rivers. We did a Hawaii trip in July.
    Quote: "you have nothing to fear, but fear itself" - which is easier for me to preach, than to practice
    No show:  I missed the re-union, but hope to be there for the 35th!

Miramon, Jeanne (now Kitchen)

Jeanne Kitchen
    [Jeanne is teaching Home Economics in Stockton in the local continuation HS program.  She just got married last March!  She is also a student at Sacramento State University.  She is in touch with Kris Shevlin and Susan Callahan.  I have her email addr. if you'd like to email her.]

Needham, Robert

Parsons, Karen (now Davis) - updated Sept. 2005

Karen Davis
    [Karen said she never got an invitation to the Reunion, but wants to make the next one.  She is about to celebrate a 30th wedding anniversary in Feb. 2006 in Madera, CA where she is a mother and a librarian.  It was good to hear from her.  AND she is in touch with Becky Brand and Lea Brooks.  I have her email addr. if you'd like to email her and I am waiting for Becky Brand to contact us.]

Perez, Barbara (now Escobedo)

Reeser, Dan

Robertson, Jane (now Best)

Jane Best
    Remember me? I'm after Loren Roberts and Tim Roberts. You got it, Jane
Robertson (Best).  I'm here in Orcutt, CA with my wonderful husband, Bruce L. Best Sr.  We have been married for 18 years.  Bruce has been working for Rizzol's automotives for 28 years,  He started out as a mechanic and is now the General Manager of Rizzol's in Santa Maria.  Bruce also restores older cars.  I've been very lucky to be a stay-at-home "mom" but I do work for the Orcutt School District.
    We have a son Bruce L Best Jr. (24), graduated from Righetti 1998, joined the Marines (reseves), coached S.L.O. varsity football.  That year they won CIF.  He re-enlisted in the Marines after Sept. 11th and went to Iraq a year later,  Now home safe and playing football in San Jose.  A very handsome dude!
    We also have two beautiful daughters, Jessica E. Best (15) a 10th grader at Righetti.  She's a fantastic student with high honors, plays many sports, baseball (5 years), softball (2 years) played on the "all Stars" went to the Nationals in Seattle, Junior High volleyball and High school teams and found time to learn and play water-polo.  Jessica is involved with F.F.A.
    Our youngest daughter, Melissa J. Best (13) is an 8th grader at Lakeview Jr. High  She is a fantastic student.  Melissa is our runner (she didn't get that from me!).  With her long legs she enjoys track.  She also plays soccer and basketball and played one year of softball.  She found a liking for the sport.
    Our family just returned from a camping trip which we all enjoy. Water sports, skiing, tubing, wake boarding.  We still like to go to the beach where the kids like to surf.  We like  being outside taking hikes and bike rides.  Trips to L.V. to visit family is great fun too.  It surely was great to see all the pictures of the reunion.  Hope to see everyone in 5 years.

Roach, Shelley (now Carter) - updated Jan. 2005

ShelleyRoach-xmas2004 008.jpg (60050 bytes) ShelleyRoach-xmas2004 009.jpg (69516 bytes)
Shelley & her husband and their daughters Ashley and Brittany
Shelley Carter
[Shelley is still living in Barbados and has a joinery [sic] business with her husband.  She has been in touch with Sherri Jones, Bruce Akinaka, Janet Rizzoli and of course Leslie Wiech.]

Reno, Ann (now Rupley)

RenoAnn.jpg (80625 bytes)

Ann (Reno) Rupley 
    Spouse/Significant other: Ted (married 25 years September 2003)
    Children/ages: Christina/19 and Jessica/16 
    Current home town: Woodinville, WA ( northeast of Seattle) 
    Current employer/position: Wildlife Computers, Technical Sales Manager and User Support Specialist (Small company = a long title and varied areas of responsibility!)
    Best part of the job: I'm regularly in contact with our users all over the world and get to meet them on occasion
    Current hobbies: Learning watercolor painting, music (guitar & vocal), camping (but not roughing it), reading, supporting kids activities, traveling with Ted, going to theatre shows
    Significant accomplishments: There must be something... 
    Volunteer activities: PTSA, lead music team at church and church volunteering in general, High school drama booster club 
    Favorite book Way too numerous to pick one, but love reading the SLOSH personal bios 
    Favorite movie  Lots, but especially musicals and classics like Roman Holiday 
    Thing I'm most proud of   My kids and the wonderful people they are growing up to be (sloppy sentiment, but very true)
    Most unusual thing I've done  Travelled to Italy in 2002 by myself for a three-week watercolor workshop in a little Umbrian town called Todi (only had 3 lessons prior to going - big leap of faith!) 
    Current SLO connection   My parents and sister still live in San Luis Obispo. I get down there every so often, but couldn't make it the dates of the reunion.  Would be fun to meet up with some of you at some point.

Smith, Barry

Barry Alan Smith, 50, formerly of Atascadero, passed away Thursday,
March 30, 2006, in Redding, Calif. Friends and family are invited to a
memorial service at 2 p.m. Thursday, April 6, 2006, at Atascadero Bible
Church, 6225 Atascadero Mall. Barry graduated from San Luis Obispo High
School in 1973. He spent three years in the Army before starting his
career with the CHP. Barry was active in the martial arts community and
a 4th degree black belt in Aiki Jujitsu, proficient in Brazillian
Jujitsu, Eskrima and other forms of martial arts. He retired from the
CHP in December 2005, and was completing his degree in criminal justice.
He was preceeded in death in 2001 by his mother Frances Smith. He is
survived by his wife Deena of Redding; his father Bill Smith and his
wife Gloria of San Luis Obispo; his sister Patty Brattin and her husband
Tom of Fresno, Calif.; his children, Jason Smith of Paso Robles, Rebecca
Smith of Brooklyn, N.Y. and Angela Smalley of San Luis Obispo; his
stepdaughters, Holly of San Diego, Calif. and Erin of Redding; his
nephew Matthew Brattin and nieces, April Davidson and Ashlynn Brattin,
all of Fresno; and grandchildren, Eve, Cameron and Cash.  
Published in the San Luis Obispo Tribune on 4/5/2006.

Goodbye Barry

Sorenson, Gregg

[Gregg is alive and well and living in Walnut, CA.]

Spaulding, Craig

Craig Spaulding
    Really sorry I missed the reunion.  Was on a family vacation.  Won't let that happen again.  I hope it is not too late to get this information on the web site.
    After graduating from high school, I attended Cal Poly for more years than I care to admit.  Met my wife Sharon while at Cal Poly and we both graduated in 1981.  Did a tour of Western Europe after graduating and moved to Marin County in the San Francisco Bay area.  Worked for both the private and public sector in the Civil Engineering field.  Moved to Petaluma, CA in 1984.  I am currently the City Engineer for the City of Petaluma.  Sharon teaches Kindergarten and First grade at the local school district.  Joshua(21) my oldest son is an Art Major at UC Davis and Ryan(18) just graduated from high school and is attending the local Junior College.  Life is good in Sonoma County and we are blessed with good health. I still like cars of all kinds, enjoy serious mountain biking (even at 48), hiking, kayaking and relaxing with some of the best Sonoma County wines.  Favorite book: The Road Less Traveled.
    My parents and older brother Rod (SLOSH 1972) still live in San Luis Obispo.  I get down to SLO town about 4 times a year.  Still stay in touch with my two best High School pals, Kirt Collins and Maury Jenkins.  Also see John Furtado at Cal Poly events. Really sorry I missed seeing all of you. Won't miss the next one.
    Really started to enjoy life after I turned 40 and figured out who I really was.  Wishing you all the best.

Steventon, Barbara

Stuart, Jay

    In N.Y. after 9/11 and in Great Britain to visit Stuart Castle and No. 10 Downing St.
StuartJay-Ground Zero 2002.jpg (31757 bytes) StuartJay-St Pats Party.jpg (25721 bytes) StuartJay-Statue of Liberty.jpg (30901 bytes) StuartJay-Stuart Castle Scotland.jpg (49642 bytes) StuartJay-Number 10 Downing.jpg (40009 bytes)

Jay Stuart
    I am OK
    I did not make the reunion because I was in Oregon on vacation.  This was our one long vacation time for the year.  Sorry I did not get back to you or anyone else to let them know.  My Bad!! As my 16 year old daughter would say.
    I am still working hard trying to keep things safe in Fresno.  It's like trying to swim against the tide sometimes, but if I did not enjoy it I guess I would not have stayed for 26 yrs.  I checked out the Web site and saw the pics.  It looked like I missed a fun time.

Tartaglia, Stu

Stuart E. Tartaglia
    Spouse/Significant other: Anne Lukes (SLO Class of '74) Married 24 years
Children/ages: Alexander (16)
    Current home town: San Carlos, CA 
    Current employer/position: Pacific Gas & Electric Company (Sr. Regulatory Analyst)
    Current hobbies: Giants, 49'rs (season ticket holder), backpacking, house maintenance, reading, music.
    Significant accomplishments:  I was baptized last Easter 2002 (Catholic), so I'm not a pagan anymore. 
    Volunteer activities: Always helping my neighbors do something, St. Vincent de Paul, AYSO Soccer coach.
    Any little known facts:  I've stopped aging.
    Favorite books Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. Most of John Irving's Books, The Wheel of Time series.
    Favorite movies  Dumb and Dumber, Terminator II
    Favorite TV shows  Giants vs Any team, Lakers in the Playoffs, American Idol (hey, I think Paula's cute)
    Favorite annual events Lakers in the Playoffs, 49'rs Season opener at the 'Stick, Switch to Daylight Savings Time.
    Favorite Quotes: "What the world needs now is love, sweet love.." Burt Bacharach, and, "This flashlight is so dim, you need to light a match to tell if it is on" Professor Shaw astronomy class- SLOSH)

Williams, James

Zweifel, Mary (now Hegedus)

Mary is in touch with Michelle Stringer (now Stinchfield) and Marla and Jane.  She also says she might be able to get Joe Ronca onboard.  She reports that her wedding anniversary is Oct. 1976, so she is certainly among the longest married in our class. (July 2007)

Missing Persons we haven't heard from:

Ogedi Adigwe

John Alberts

Kristina Anderson

Norman Aro

Mark Ashcraft

Diane Atwood

Joan Avery

Donna Asher
        [I know where Donna and Jeannie are, but I think they prefer anonymity.]

Carol Banton
        [I know where Carol is, but I think she prefers anonymity.]

Laura Barnhill

David Benge
[Susie Kirkpatrick says she is in touch with David]

Richard Blackstone

Martha Bojorquez

Becky Brand

Sue Brown

Kris Brown

Trudy Brinar

Patty Burns

Linda Caldwell

Mary Lou Carner

Carla Cattaneo

Kirt Collins
    [Craig Spaulding says he is in touch with Kirt]

Viana Collins

Cleo Cooper

Darlene Currier

Heather Dagle

Marjory Denning

Marc Dusek

Bret Duncan

Mike Elliott

Sylvia Fagundes

Corinne Fraund

Anna Forzetting

Wayne Fuhrman

Pam Gentry

Gary Ginn

John Grant

Paul Gravelle

Helen Green

Dennis Hale

Christine Hansen

Bob Hastings

Trinka Hesch

Mike Hicks
        [I know where Mike is, but I think he prefers anonymity.]

Holly Hildebrand

Marti Hix
[I know where Marti is, but I think she prefers anonymity.] 

Craig Homan
     [I know where Craig is, but I think he prefers anonymity.] 

Gary Grindle

Steve Isenhart

Mariglee James

William Janeway

Maury Jenkins
     [Craig Spaulding says he is in touch with Maury]

Janice Johnson
[Alan Freeman says Janice lives across the street from his mother in SLO.]

Edwina Just

Mike Kauffold

Jim Kirby

Aleta Knight

Terry Lammers

Holly Leake

Valorie Loy

Carmen Madrigal

Celeste Macklin

Sandra Martin

Jay Martinez
        [ Alan Freeman says his ex-brother-in-law 
        Jay is the senior Assignment Editor for
        KTVU Channel 2 news in San Francisco.
        I don't know if he wishes to remain missing
        or not.]

Lois Martinez

Dan McCallister
     [Julie Watson says Dan is living in SLO and
        has worked for the railroad for many years.]

Steve McClenathan
[His sister Dian says he doesn't answer the
        phone or mail.  Must be either a CIA mole
        or an Earth Liberation Front eco-terrorist.<LOL>]

Shaun McMahon

Mary Miller

Debbie Millsap

John Montague

Mickey Mulligan

Heather Nye
        [I know where Heather is, but I think she prefers anonymity.]

Malia Olson

Rick Pannell

Jeannie Parsons

Christine Perez

Tina Perez

Bill Powell

Susan Pruitt

Richard Ramirez
[I know where Richard is, but I think he prefers anonymity.]

Vincent Ray

Dusty Rhoads

John Richardson

Corey Rogers

Daniel Reppert

Lindee Riddell

Joseph Ronca

Patricia Ryan

Paula Ryan

Karen Schaffer

Angela Schott

Kris Shevlin
[Jeanne Miramon-Kitchen says she is in touch with Kris.]

Gene Silva
[Someone (Margaret Crane?) said Gene is an architect in Healdsburg, CA]

Larry Silva

Shauna Silva

Glen Speck

Scott Spalding

Jeff Stark

Wolfgang Stockburger

Michelle Stringer

Marty Sutherland

Tom Sutherland

Mary Taylor

Mark Thompson
[Last I heard from Mark he was working as a
        senior Chemical Engineer for Dupont in
        Delaware.  I haven't tried to find him lately.
        He had a wife named Maria and kids in Dover.]

Larry Townsend

Kim Trabing

Rhett Tranbarger

Michael Vance

Craig Vanwagenen

Patties Verdugo

Kathy Voris

Debbie Vargas

Clarke Waldron

Katy Warner

Gale Woefle

Brian Wood

Russell Wheeler
[Russ's stepsister is in our class and is in contact with him.]

Laurie Wickersham

Mike Willard

Susanne Williams

Vivian Williams

Brian Wolf

Dawn Zukas

Any problems please email me:

A. David Chan