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Class of '73 Yearbook Pix

Well, Frank Avila has gone and done it.  He has spoken those evil words, "Thirty-Year Reunion" and now I guess we'll have to do it.  I haven't been able to attend a reunion since the 10-year, but I will really try to make this one.

I don't want to duplicate what Classmates.com does, so I will keep it simple and FREE.  The computer and internet has become my life, so this is just another page.  This will be a list of people and email addrs.  If you would like a forwarding email addr., I will create one for you under ChanVin.com.

-- A. David Chan --

Here is Frank's notice:

San Luis Obispo High School
Class of 1973
30 Year Reunion!!

Saturday August 9, 2003
6 p.m. - 11 p.m. (Dinner @ 7 p.m.)

Fairways at Dairy Creek Country Club

(Across from Cuesta College on Hwy 1)

Cost: $25 per person

A special thanks to Loren Roberts for his generous donation that has enabled us to keep our costs low so that everyone can attend. And, we will be able to serve prime rib and chicken instead of wieners and beans!

What's Happening: An evening of dining, dancing and schmoozing with old friends.

(Also, a non-sponsored gathering at the Grad is on for Friday night 8/8 starting 7ish)

What do we need from you: Let us know if you are up to some fun and send money for each person attending on or before July 15, 2003.

Mail checks to: 

Frank Avila
1363 Cornus Ct.
San Luis Obispo, CA  93401

Make checks payable to: "SLOHS Class of 1973"

Also, if you have contact information for our lost classmates at the bottom, please send it to Frank.

Any Questions? Feel free to call or e-mail any of us:

Frank Avila:  805-788-0505  Email:  favila@charter.net
Kerry Murphy:  805-772-9218  Email:   murfmb@thegrid.net
Steve Delmartini:  805-544-4864 
John Dodge:  805-543-2051

I'm sure there are a lot of people who would just as soon forget these pix:

SLOSH Class of '73 Yearbook Pages
(Oh great, these are NOT arranged in alphabetical order!)

03Aug05-0001.JPG (226906 bytes)
Kelly Ackerson
John Azevedo

03Aug05-0002.JPG (200018 bytes)
Jeanne Aanerud
Janet Borrowman

03Aug05-0003.JPG (231891 bytes)
Mark Bachino
John Brunson

03Aug05-0004.JPG (281801 bytes)
Patty Baker
Dennis Brown

03Aug05-0005.JPG (228067 bytes)
Steve Barbere
Sharon Cotter

03Aug05-0006.JPG (283203 bytes)
Robin Canaan
Linda Dryden

03Aug05-0007.JPG (272691 bytes)
Heather Dagle
Steve Dunham

03Aug05-0008.JPG (221786 bytes)
Lori Day
Roy Fitton

03Aug05-0009.JPG (280118 bytes)
Sylvia Fagundes
John Furtado

03Aug05-0010.JPG (250974 bytes)
Corinne Fraund
Allen Griswold

03Aug05-0011.JPG (215886 bytes)
Janet Granger
Stephen Isenhart

03Aug05-0012.JPG (297252 bytes)
Gene Hale
Janet Jenkins

03Aug05-0013.JPG (268910 bytes)
Dennis Hale
Mark Julien

03Aug05-0014.JPG (346897 bytes)
William Janeway
Aleta Knght

03Aug05-0015.JPG (282289 bytes)
Laurie Kasfeldt
Kathy Lynch

03Aug05-0016.JPG (263231 bytes)
Paula LaFreniere
Jeanne Miramon

03Aug05-0017.JPG (253872 bytes)
Robert Mach
Karen Morris

03Aug05-0018.JPG (271570 bytes)
Danny McCallister
Jim Murtaugh

03Aug05-0019.JPG (292255 bytes)
Leon Maksoudian
Deborah Outland

03Aug05-0020.JPG (231271 bytes)
Miriam O'Donnell
Susan Pruitt

03Aug05-0021.JPG (285855 bytes)
Greg Parks
Stefanie Ryan

03Aug05-0022.JPG (264135 bytes)
Vince Ray
John Rogers

03Aug05-0023.JPG (256323 bytes)
Dan Reeser
Jay Stuart

03Aug05-0024.JPG (308642 bytes)
Mary Schey
Tani Swenson

03Aug05-0025.JPG (272732 bytes)
Karen Schafer
Michelle Stringer

03Aug05-0026.JPG (223119 bytes)
Mazie Sakamoto
Larry Tucker

03Aug05-0027.JPG (294138 bytes)
Deni Trigueiro
Jim Williams

03Aug05-0028.JPG (235574 bytes)
Lisa Wafford
Brian Wolf

03Aug05-0029.JPG (220897 bytes)
Ann Walker
Paul Zweifel


People we have heard from:

Aanerud, Jeanne

Akinaka, Bruce

Aldridge, Deborah

Alonso, Bernard

Angerer, John

Avila, Frank

Ayers, Mike (Can't make it)

Azevedo, Mike

Beath, Mary (Can't make it)

Benner, Marlene (now Righetti)

Bettencourt, Jane

Birkett, Leslie

Borrowman, Janet

Brooks, Lea

Brunson, John

Callahan, Susan (now Winje)

Canaan, Robin (now Westley) (Can't make it.)

Carey, David

Chan, A. David

Charlton, Linda

Chase, Doug

Cotter, Patrick

Cotter, Sharon

Crane, Margeret

Cummins, Mike

Cunningham, Bobby

Curzon, Elliott (Can't make it.)

Davidson, Michael

Day, Lori

Delmartini, Steve

Dodge, John

Dorman, Bert

Ekegren, Andrew

Farmer, Mike

Ferrell, Ed

Furtado, John

Gerard, Cheryl

Gonyer, Gary

Goulart, Evonne

Grandy, Sara

Granger, Janet

Hartley, Debra

Harvey, Karen

Hathaway, Jerry

Hoeschel, Saundra

Henderson, Debra

Henderson, John

Hogan, Mike

Honeyman, Bill

Hudgens, Ken

Johnson, Bob

Jones, Frances

Jones, Sherri

Judd, Anita

Julien, Mark

Karlak, Loren

Kasfeldt, Laurie

Kelly, Erin

Kennelly, Kristi

Kirkpatrick, Susan (now Volwiler)

Kraft, David

Kresse, Marti

Kundert, Karen

Laing, Mitch

Lambert, Alan

Larson, Trudy

Leverich, Cam

Mansfield, Melanie

Matheny, Louise

McCarger, Lindsay

McClenathan, Dian

McCracken, Catherine

McGuire, Teri

McIlwain, Donna (now Fipps)

Miernicki, Amy

Miller, John

Miller, Tim

Morris, Ken

Mugler, Patricia (now Acheff)

Murphy, Kerry

Needham, Robert

Nelson, Doug

Perez, Barbara (now Escobedo)

O'Donnell, Miriam

Parks, Greg

Perez, Roberto

Pillow, Vince

Quaglino, Mike

Rademacher, Steve

Reeser, Dan

Rizzoli, Janet

Roach, Shelley

Roark, Robin

Roberts, Loren

Roberts, Mark

Roest, Sharon

Rogers, John

Reno, Ann (now Rupley)

Roach, Shelley (now Carter)

Sager, Steve

Schey, Mary

Schoening, Jana

Seitz, Mike

Silva, Tom

Snyder, Mike

Sorenson, Gregg

Steinman, Gary

Steventon, Barbara

Stuart, Jay

Tranbarger, Rhett

Welch, Ron (Lt. Colonel USAF)

Weich, Leslie

Weipert, Eddie

Whitford, Terri (now Bates)

Wiens, Sara

Williams, Dick

Williams, James

Zweifel, Mary

Missing Persons

Ogedi Adigwe

Mike Hicks

Gary Reis

John Alberts

Holly Hildebrand

Daniel Reppert

Kristina Anderson

Marti Hix

Lindee Riddell

Norman Aro

Mark Hobberlin

Joseph Ronca

Mark Ashcraft

Craig Homan

Patricia Ryan

Diane Atwood

Gary Grindle

Paula Ryan

Joan Avery

Steve Isenhart

Rick Seseņa

Donna Asher

Mariglee James

Karen Schaffer

Carol Banton

William Janeway

Angela Schott

Laura Barnhill

Janice Johnson

Ed Schultz

David Benge

Edwina Just

Larry Silva

Richard Blackstone

Mike Kauffold

Glen Speck

Martha Bojorquez

Jim Kirby

Tommy Southerland

Sue Brown

Aleta Knight

Shauna Silva

Kris Brown

Terry Lammers

Gene Silva

Trudy Brinar

Holly Leake

Scott Spalding

Patty Burns

Valerie Loy

Jeff Stark

Linda Caldwell

Georgina Luis

Wolfgang Stockburger

Mary Lou Carner

Carmen Madrigal

Michelle Stringer

Carla Cattaneo

Celeste Macklin

Marty Sutherland

Viana Collins

Sandra Martin

Mary Taylor

Cleo Cooper

Lois Martinez

Mark Thompson

Darlene Currier

Dan McCallister

Larry Townsend

Heather Dagle

Shaun McMahon

Kim Trabing

Marjory Denning

Marty McRobbie

Michael Vance

Marc Dusek

Mary Miller

Craig Vanwagenen

Bret Duncan

Debbie Millsap

Patties Verdugo

Mike Elliott

John Montague

Kathy Voris

Sylvia Fagundes

Mickey Mulligan

Debbie Vargas

Corinne Fraund

Malia Olson

Clarke Waldron

Anna Forzetting

Rick Pannell

Katy Warner

Wayne Fuhrman

Jeannie Parsons

Gale Woefle

Richard Garza

Christine Perez

Brian Wood

Pam Gentry

Tina Perez

Russell Wheeler

Gary Ginn

Bill Powell

Laurie Wickersham

John Grant

Susan Pruitt

Mike Willard

Paul Gravelle

Richard Ramirez

Susanne Williams

Helen Green

Vincent Ray

Vivian Williams

Dennis Hale

Dusty Rhoades

Brian Wolf

Christine Hansen

John Richardson

Dawn Zukas

Bob Hastings

Corey Rogers


Trinka Hesch